About the Foundation

Grotto Logo Tree

Mission Statement, Values, and Vision

The Mission of the Grotto Foundation, Inc., established in December 1964 and revised in June 2007, is “to improve the educational, financial, physical, and social well-being of citizens, with a special emphasis on families and culturally diverse communities.” The Foundation is further interested in increasing public understanding of American cultural heritage, the cultures of nations, and the individual’s responsibility to fellow human beings.

Community, Family & Understanding

Grotto’s logo is a visual expression of the mission of the Foundation. The healthy web of branches and the growth potential of the green tree symbolize the strength of families and community networks in which the Foundation invests its resources. Underscoring the Foundation’s name are three words — Community, Family, and Understanding — that are key to the Grotto vision of enriching the health of families and communities to better understand each other and work together for the common good.


Grotto’s mission is achieved by helping communities determine their own futures. Grotto works with people from communities of different ethnic groups and cultures who are inspired by their sense of vision and possibility. Grotto aims to assist these communities as they move in directions that they have determined are appropriate for their advancement. Grotto supports projects and programs that empower people to chart their own course. The Foundation’s board and staff believe that support of self-determination ultimately benefits the health of the broader community.


Through Grotto’s grantmaking, many organizations are able to provide support to families and individuals within their own communities — many of them members of immigrant or ethnic communities that need assistance toward fuller participation in society. Healthy families who are able to build and realize their own dreams provide the base from which communities build a promising future.


The foundation for building a solid network of families and communities that communicate openly and work together for the common good is understanding. When individuals and groups are able to embrace differences in a spirit of hope and hospitality — including accessibility, dialogue, faith, trust, determination, guidance, support, accountability, and grace — there is increased understanding and respect for others. Mutual understanding is one of the hallmarks of Grotto’s grantmaking.

About the Name

The Grotto Foundation, Inc. was named in accordance with a Hill family tradition, begun by Louis W. Hill, Jr.‘s father — naming foundations after streets in St. Paul’s Summit Avenue area where the family, for several generations, lived. (Learn more about the history of the foundation.)